The District Training Centre is situated opposite to Rajiv Smruthi Vanam on Kadapa to Rajampet Road i.e. 10 Kms from Kadapa City. The total extent of the campus is around 26.81 acres. The DTC is very important wing of the District Police as it is involved in the training of all the District Police personnel on continuous basis throughout the year.

Buildings and accommodation:- As many as 9 barracks including main building are allotted as accommodation to Trainees. Among them 5 New Barracks to male SCTPCs with 32 members capacity each with cots and beddings. 2 Barracks with 30 members capacity with cots and bedding and 2 barracks with 31 members capacity.

Training centre Contact Number (LAND):- 08562 49253

E-mail ID of training centre: – kadapadtc@gmail.com