History Nellore


The District Training Centre was established in an extent of 13.66 acres of land at Chemudugunta Village of Venkatachalam Mandal, Nellore District which is  2 KMs away from National High way towards West and about 10 KMs South from District headquarters.  It was constructed by A.P State Police Housing Corporation and the buildings in complete shape were handed over to the department on 02.03.2005.

The D.T.C initially provided accommodation for 100 trainees in 4 blocks/compartments, an administration building consisting of a classroom and bell arms, kitchen and dining hall with servant room.   Later a conference hall with cement asbestos sheets is constructed with a capacity of 250 members.

To accommodate and to train additional strength of SCTPCs in DTC, 6 prefabricated sheds were constructed for the accommodation and 3 prefabricated rooms for class rooms.  Electricity supply was provided to the DTC by a separate 3 phase supply transformer.  There are internal B.T. roads and the DTC has a compound wall.  Two bore-wells with sub-mersible pumps have been arranged to supply sufficient water round the clock. Parade ground reclamation was completed and a saluting base was also constructed.

                        District Training Centre, Nellore is having facility to accommodate and to train 175 trainees.

Basic induction training programmes :

So far 4 batches of 9 months basic induction trainings ware conducted in DTC, Nellore

Induction training for the 1st batch of 93 SCTPCs (AR) of Cyberabad/Kurnool/West Godavari districts was conducted in DTC, Nellore from 02.04.2007 to 02.02.2008.

Induction training to the 2nd batch of 227 SCT PCs (Civil) of Warangal District was conducted from 21.01.2009 to 03.11.2009.

Induction Training for the 3rd batch of 214 SCT PCs (Civil) of Kurnool District was conducted from 18.04.2011 to 18.01.2012.

Induction training for the 4th batch of 163 SCTPCs (Civil) of  Vijayawada City (133), West Godavari (11), Prakasam (17) and Karimnagar (2) Districts was conducted from 26.12.2012 to 11.10.2013.

The indoor and outdoor classes and other curriculum activities were conducted as per the training schedule and time table communicated from the Chief Office.

Pre-Promotional Trainings:

1st batch of one month Pre-Promotional Training to 91 PCs fit to act as HCs (AR) of Nellore, Prakasam and Guntur Districts was conducting in the year 2008.

2nd batch of one month Pre-promotional Training to 116 PCs (AR ) fit to act as  HCs of  Tirupati urban, Chittoor and Anantapur districts was conducted from 01.02.2012 to 02.03.2012, vide memos in Rc.No. 629/Trg.3/2011, dated 04.01.2012 &10.02.2012 of the Addl. Director General of Police, Training, AP., Hyderabad.

3rd batch of one month PPT to 61 PCs fit to act as HCs (AR) of Srikakulam (10), Vizianagaram (4), Visakhapatnam Rural (17) and West Godavari (30) districts was conducted in DTC, Nellore from 05.05.2013 to 11.06.2013 vide Chief Office Memo. Rc.No. 367/Trg.3/2013, dated 30.04.2013 of the Addl. Director General of Police, Training, AP., Hyderabad.

One month training for 117 Home Guards of Nellore district was conducted in DTC, Nellore  from 01.11.2012 to 30.11.2012.

Capsule Refresher Course:

As per the instructions issued through Chief Office Memo Rc.No. 684/C1/Trg.5/2009 of Addl. D.G.P, Training, A.P., Hyderabad, Ten days Capsule Refresher Course to Civil PCs/HCs was organized in DTC, Nellore.   47 batches of Capsule Refresher course were conducted in DTC, Nellore.

CCTNS Computer Training:

As per the C.O. Rc. No.576/C1-Trg-5/2010,.dt. 07-05-2010 of Addl. D.G.P,. Training, A.P., Hyderabad, Training on “Basic Computers Awareness and Role Based Training” for Application Users Under CCTNS Project (1 week) was also conducted at DTC, Nellore.  30 batches have completed and 404 Police personnel were trained.  Later the CCTNS training was continued in DPO Computer Lab.


UBUNTU Training :

As per the the C.O.  Message C.No.  24/CCTNS/Ape-COPS/2012, dt. 27.07.2013 of I.G.P., PCS & S., A.P., Hyderabad, and Course on “UBUNTU OPERATING SYSTEM” under CCTNS Capacity Building is being conducted in DTC, Nellore since 12.08.2013 as per the time table issued by the Chief Office.  56 batches have been completed and later the training is being continued in DPO Computer Lab.

Two weeks orientation course to APSP PCs:

Two weeks orientation course for 61 APSP PCs of various battalions for appointment to the post of ARPCs by transfer to DAR, Nellore is conducted from 18.11.2013 to 03.12.2013

Two weeks TOT course for outdoor faculty:


As per the Chief office instructions Two weeks TOT course for 30 ARHCs/ARPCs of DAR, Nellore is conducted from 02.12.2013 to 14.12.2013 in connection with imparting induction training to SCTPCs Civil/AR 2014.  Indoor and Outdoor classes were conducted as per the schedule time table communicated from the Chief Office.


As per the C.O. message vide Rc.No.109/Trg.3/2014, dated 29.01.2014, TOT course for outdoor faculty was conducted from 03.02.2014 to 18.02.2014 to 20 ARPCs/ARHCs who are having minimum service of 3 years and aged below 35 years to impart outdoor training to SCTPCs.

Self Defense Classes to Women:

As per the Chief Office instructions 3 days course on “Self Defense Classes” for women was conducted in DTC, Nellore from 21.06.2014 to 23.06.2014.   175 women/girls were participated in the course from the various organizations.


One Week Orientation course to Special Party Personnel:

One week Orientation courses have been conducted to 80 special party police personnel of DAR, Nellore in 4 batches from 01.12.2014 to 18.01.2015.  They have been trained in PT, Field Craft and tactics, Map reading and Classes of Flora and Fauna in Veligonda Forest, general jungle survival.

One day training  to SIs on “Handling of 9 mm Pistol” :

One day orientation course on “Handling of 9 mm Pistol” to SIs of this unit is conducted in  DTC, Nellore w.e.f. 14.02.2015 to 01.03.2015 with 65 participants.

One week Orientation Course to Station Writers :

                        One week orientation course to Station Writers is conducted to the all the Writers and Asst. Writers in  3 batches from 09.03.2015 to 28.03.2015 with 60 participants.

Yoga training Classes:

As per the instructions of the Chief Office Message vide Rc.No.148/Trg.2/2015, dated 18.02.2015 and 23.04.2015, Yoga Training Classes were conducted in DTC, Nellore from 01.05.2015. 31 batches have been completed as on 12.03.2016 with 604 participants from the rank of PC to SI.

Refresher Course on “SMART POLICE”

As per the instructions of the Chief Office message vide Rc.No. 739/Trg-2/2015, dated 24.02.2016 of,  Refresher course on Soft Skills for “Smart Police” training classes are being conducted as per the time table communicated from the Chief Office in DTC, Nellore from 14.03.2016 The classes are being conducted combined with Yoga.  So far 32 batches have been completed with 662 participants from the rank of PC to ASI.