The CTC has started functioning from 19-01-2009 in Police Barracks, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam City.

Land line: – 0891-271247, Fax: – 2730203

Email ID: principalctc.vspcity@gmail.com

Sri. CH.Venkateswara Rao, ADCP (Admin) has been holding additional charge of the Principal of City Training Centre from  08-11-2014  and Sri P.Umapathi varma,ACP is working as  Vice-Principal of the City Training Centre, Visakhapatnam City since  07-01-2015.


The CTC  land was alloted at existing police barracks, Sutyabagh at an extent of 0 .827 acrs having four Pre-fabricated barracks. Three barracks are being utilized as Dormitories   of the trainees, each Dormitory is consisting of 30 beds and one barrack is being used for two class rooms.


7.5 K.V. Generator is available at CTC, Visakhapatnam City and it is in working condition.


A  1,000 liter mineral water plant has been installed in CTC premises and it is in working condition.


21,000 sq. yards CAR Parade Ground is available for training centre. Owing to lack of obstacles course at CAR grounds, the trainees are being taken to DTC, Bakkannapalem, VSP District for BOAC training.


Regional Police Hospital available at CAR Head Quarters is catering to the medical needs of the trainees. In case of an emergency, on the advice of the doctor of the Regional Police Hospital, the trainees are being taken to King George Hospital and other referral hospitals in Visakhapatnam for better treatment.


  1. 199 SCTPCs from Chittor District underwent  training for the period from 19- 01- 2009 to 03- 11-2010.
  2. 213 SCTWPCs from all districts except Srikakulam District underwent training from 23-11- 2009 to 25-08-2010.
  3. 69 SCTPCs (AR) from Nellore District underwent training from 25-04-2011 to 26-01-2012.
  4. 90 SCTPCs (AR) from West Godavari (50) and Krishna(40)  Districts Training from 26-12-2012 to 16-10-2013.
  5. 99 Members of PC to HC Fit act of Pre promo national training Pc to Hc Guntur and Vizainagaram &Visakhapatnam (Rural) Vijayawada City
  6. 57 Members of ARSI to RSI From All Police Zones and SARCPL Amber pet ,Hyderabad.   Which was Conducting From Dated 21-08-2017 to 20-11-2017


  1. 209 SCTPCs (Civil) of VSP City who underwent basic training at  DTC, Machilipatnam and  19 SCTPCs (Civil) of VSP City who under went basic training at APPA, Hyderabad came to CTC, VSP City and underwent Practical Training for 5 days from 26.07.2011 to 30.07.2011
  2. Refresher courses for Visakhapatnam City PCs and HCs have been organized in 15 Batches for duration of 10 days each.
  3. Training to the Customs Inspectors was given for a period of 10 days.
  4. Training has been given for 184 Home Gaurds from 02-07-2012 to 16-08-2012
  5. 28 members of 1st Batch CGVOs have undergone training from 12-09-2012 to18-10- 2012
  6. 57 members of 2nd Batch CGVOs have undergone training from 26-10-2012 to 30-11- 2012.
  7.  44 members of 3rd Batch CGVOs have undergone training from 01-03-2013 to 02-04-  2013.
  8. 40 members of Traffic Guides are undergone training from 23-08-2013 to 22-09-2013
  9. 41 members Home Guards 06-11-2013 to 20-12-2013
  10. Conducted 6 ARHC’s AND 11 ARPC’s of TOT Course Training from 02-12-2013 to 14-12-  2013
  11. 37 Members of Community Guards are under gone Training from 07-01-2014 to 12-02-  2014
  12. Conducted 4 ARHC’s AND  09 ARPC’s  of TOT course from 03-02-2014 to 15-02-2014.
  13. 04 Women Home Guards  are undergne training from 18-03-14 to 31-05-14

Other Skills Trainings

  1. Conducted Work shop on Soft skills for City Police personnel of Visakhapatnam City  from 29-03-2014 to 04-04-2014.
  2. As per the orders given by the DGP, AP, Hyd, conducted Self Defence classes for 400  civilian Women and family ladies from 02-06-2014 to 07-06-2014.
  3. As per the instructions given by the Addl. DGP.INT., AP., Hyd. Conducted orientation course for two days in Access control for Police personnel of Visakhapatnam city,
  4.    Visakhapatnam Rural, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam from 27-07-14 and 28-07-14