Facilities DTC Srikakulam

One Permanent Building containing 5 rooms  and 05 Pre-fabricated building are available, they can accommodate 250 members.


Number of class rooms       = 03

(Capacity for each class room  – 82

WATER FACILITY : Two Water bore wells and Mineral water plant are available in DTC, Srikakulam.

GENERATOR:   10  KV Generator was allotted by the Chief Office and it is  working  condition.

LIBRARY:   News papers are purchased from recreation amount at the time of induction training and books relating to law and patriotism are available in library for gaining knowledge.

COMPUTER LAB :   It is  located in the permanent building. Out of 25 computers 20 computer are not working.

KITCHEN: It is located in one portion of S.B.Naidu block. 01 steam cooking system is available but  it is not working, present  make cooking with HP Gas.

BELL OF ARMS:    Having one permanent building containing 2 Rooms  one is Bella of Arms,  another one is Class Room.

MESS:  The Dining hall is situated by the side of mess, which is a Pre-fabricated hall and it will accommodate at a time   nearly 120 members can eat.   There are sufficient tables and benches in the Mess Hall.

DRINKING WATER:  Mineral water plant is available in DTC and it is near by the dining hall. Drinking water is being supplied by the Police water tank from Municipality, Srikakulam.

Computer lab: The computer lab has been arranged in the DPTC with internet and wi.fi facility.

GROUND. :- One parade ground with extended nearly 04 Acres, provided with 400 meters track and battle obstacle assault course there is a permanent Dias with iron poles and chains.

INDOOR  CLASS ROOMS:- Two prefabricated rooms and one Permanent room with long desk benches available to indoor classes.LCD projector, Black board, Charts are available in each class room.

FIRING RANGE: The District Firing range situated at Chinnarao palli Village Etcherla Mandal at distance of 25 Km away from DPTC Srikakulam.

TOILETS:– 40 toilets  are available in DPTC, Srikakulam.

S.NO Type of Faculty Whether available Remarks.
1 Ground  Availability YES The parade ground extended  nearly 4 Acres,  provided with 400 mtrs track and battle obstacle, assault course and it has dias with iron poles and chains.
2 Library YES Law related and personality development books are available in library .
3 Medical Clinic NO Medical clinic is not available with in the premises  of DPTC, but  any emergency purpose   utilise services through   PHC of Singupuram  nearly located  6 KM to DPTC. Abublance round the clack is available with driver and medical assistant.
4 Firing  range YES Firing range is situated at Chinnaravupalli village at a distance  of 25 KM from DPTC, Srikakulam.
5 Swimming pool NO Swimming pool  is located at DSDO, near RIMS Hospital, Santinagar, Srikakulam it is 10 KM distance from DPTC, Srikakulam.
6 Toilet  facility for     staff & Trainess YES 40 toilets are available with water facility and 20 open toilets purpose of urinals  adjacent at indoor class rooms.
7 Drinking Water facility for staff and Trainees YES Mineral water plant is available in DPTC, Srikakulam and it is near by the Daining Hall. Drinking water is being supplied by the Police water tank from Muncipality, Srikakulam.
8 Obstacles for trainees YES Obstacles  located around the 400 meters track, which are  Obstacle –1 & 2, Dum Dum, Zig Zag, Double ditch,  Double bar,6 Feet wall, Hurdles, Cave, Cat walk, Double walls, Crawl, Tyre Jump, Monkey crawl Etc.
9 Any other Foot ball and valley ball and shuttle courts are  also available
S.NO Type of Facilities Whether available Remarks
1 Video conference YES
2 Equipment /software for live streaming the programmers YES LAN, Wi-Fi, Internet facility have  recently  intalled for  live streaming programmees  in DPTC, Srikakulam.
3 Computer lab YES Computer lab has a Permanent building and 5 computers are in working condition, remaining 20 are not working.
4 Head projectors in all class rooms NO Only one projector is available  for all needs at DPTC,Srikakulam, remaining.  2 projectors are not working.
5 Collar mikes YES 5 collar mikes are available  and all are in working condition.
Internet Connectivity
( with speed )
Wifi facility
Name of the Trg. Centre Admin Block Faculty Block Class Room Admin Block Faculty Block Class Room
DPTC, Srikakulam 60 Mbps 60 Mbps 60 Mbps Yes Yes Yes